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Time & Weather for Belgium

Please note: this service has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvience.

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Timeandweather for Belgium is an easy way for you to put the current time and weather conditions for Belgium on your website! Simply copy the PHP or ASP code below and paste it into the html on your web page.

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Your site will need to be php or asp enabled to use these codes. If you are not sure if your site is compatible, enter your url here and we will check it.

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PHP Code

Simply "select" the php code below, then copy (control + 'C') and paste (control + 'V')it into the html on your webpage, using a text or html editor. The code can be positioned on your page using html center, paragraph, or table tags.

ASP Code

Simply "select" the asp code below, then copy (control + 'C') and paste (control + 'V') it into the html on your webpage, using a text or html editor. The code can be positioned on your page using html center, paragraph, or table tags.

Using PHP or ASP on .html pages

Assuming your server is PHP or ASP enabled, you usually need to have your webpage named pagename.php or pagename.asp for it to parse php or asp code on that page. If you would prefer to keep your webpages named .html, learn how here.


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Important Terms and Conditions

"On Your Site!" grants you permission to use our Timeandweather display on your own private or commercial web site under the following restriction: you may not alter the code we provide, nor cause any alteration of the intended function, mechanics, usability, nor appearance of the Timeandweather display. We provide Timeandweather as a free "On Your Site!" service without warranty or guarantee.

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